We specialize in design of civil infrastructure (roads, structures, car parks, parking garages, airports, water supply pipelines, sewer systems and water course regulation) and surveying works on civil infrastructure structures.


Projektni biro P45 d.o.o. is currently participating in preparation of numerous designs for reconstruction of the existing roads and development of new ones in Croatia and on land surveying activities related to transport infrastructure.


Reconstruction of D8 State Road, section: Zaton Doli – Orašac, 1st subsection of 8.8 km in length

The section starts at the existing intersection of state roads D8 and D414 towards Pelješac Peninsula, and ends at the beginning of Budima Bay before Banići. Two slow lanes have been designed because of large longitudinal slopes on parts of the route, one 1.0 km in length, and the other one 1.9 km in length. The issue of an existing fault was solved at this section at Smokvina […]


High-speed Velika Gorica Ring Road, 6.7 km in length and the link road to D408 State Road, 2.7 km in length

Both roads have great significance for the development of the Town of Velika Gorica and the surrounding area. By completion of these roads, the problem of traffic congestion at the very centre of Velika Gorica was resolved and better traffic connection between the towns of Velika Gorica, Sisak and Petrinja and the City of Zagreb was ensured. Both roads have been designed with two separate carriageways, a green central reservation and bicycle and pedestrian […]


Expressway Popovec – Marija Bistrica – Zabok, section; Andraševec – Mokrice, of 5.2 km in length

The expressway Popovec – Marija Bistrica – Zabok is an integral part of the route connecting the area behind Sljeme with the City of Zagreb and thus forming the so called Zagreb Ring. The section Andraševec – Mokrice is the first part of the concerned road that has been constructed and is in use. Ultimately, the road was designed with two separate carriageways with a green central reservation […]


Extension of the intersection of D3 State Road with D8 State Road and reconstruction of Matulji Interchange on A7 Motorway

The interregional interchange Matulji on A7 Motorway has been reconstructed by adding a second carriageway and a green central reservation, while a new viaduct Živice and a grade-separated interchange towards Opatija with a roundabout in Matulji on state roads […]


International ferry terminal Zadar-Gaženica, construction of the car park with 456 parking spaces

After construction of the commercial centre, the car park area was located along the north border of the International Ferry Terminal Gaženica. Access to the car park has been planned on two locations to the west side, and from one entrance/exit to the east side. As a part of traffic areas, a drainage system has been designed with treatment in the zone of high groundwater table. The execution of works ensured additional available parking spaces […]


New Zagreb Airport Passenger Terminal, construction of site roads and car park areas with 1171 parking places.

In the zone of airport facilities, the traffic is vertically divided into two levels and in terms of layout into two physically separate areas. Passenger car traffic is separated from the traffic of vehicles of public transport, employees and delivery vehicles by a pedestrian area in front of the terminal building. As a part of traffic areas, a drainage system with treatment has been planned. Additional parking places for the needs […]